Lack of preparation on your part, & my dead uncle…

My uncle, who died recently, used to have a saying, it went,,…”Lack of preparation on your part, does NOT constitute an emergency on my part.”  In other words, if you’re NOT ready to do something, then WHY should I be panicked about it?  That’s what I’ve never gotten with all these women on these damn useless dating websites.  In them, the women say they’re ready to “relocate” for the right man, but then, they want the man to pay their way over to him, or it’s off…uh, I’m sorry, but how does YOUR lack of prep constitute MY paying YOUR way!?!  I’m assuming that by your saying you’re willing to relocate, it means that YOU do indeed have the means to relocate…Would you apply for a job in another state, if you weren’t prepared to move out of the state you’re in, in the first place?  Of course not!!!  Same damn thing with finding a mate!  If you’re NOT ready, then don’t SAY YOU ARE!!!

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