Learning from older people…

Last night, about 1am, I couldn’t sleep, & I was watching an old “how to” clip on TCM.  The clip was about emergency situations, & looked to be around the 1950’s. The first one I thought was really cool,…it was about dragging a heavier person out of a fire…they’re unconscious, so you tie their hands together while you’re both on the floor, then, you place their tied up hands over your neck while you’re on all fours, & then crawl backwards out of the room on all fours, dragging them behind you…I never would have thought of that!  The second one that I thought was good too, was setting a broken arm with thick sheets of  layered newspaper & then using a piece of cloth to tie it in a harness around the neck!  I would never have thought of that, either!  My God, most kids today don’t even know how to read a damn newspaper, let alone set a broken arm with one!

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