Why I don’t believe in the power of prayer…

First of all, before I get into this, let me say I DO believe in God & His son, Jesus Christ.  I just don’t believe in the power of prayer… let me explain: God does what He wants, when He wants, & if your plans don’t coincide with His, well then, …too bad for you.  Example: I have been praying for YEARS for a wife, only to get bupkus, nada, nil, nothing, ZERO!  But, you ask, “What about the Biblical story of Isaac & Rebekah?  Didn’t God join them?”  Answer: Yes, He did…but if you read the Genealogy of Jesus Christ, BOTH Isaac & Rebekah FIT into the list…in other words, their union was NECESSARY in order to get to Christ!  Again, you ask, “What of Ruth & Boaz?”, & again, I say, they were ALSO in the Genealogy of Jesus Christ, THEREFORE, they HAD to be together, to get to Christ!  In other words, ALL 4 OF THESE PEOPLE WERE PART OF GOD’S PLAN FOR THE GENEALOGY OF CHRIST.  Whereas, I don’t fit anywhere into the plan, my wishes to be married are not important at all.  I’m not griping; I’m stating a fact.  Besides, now, I’m too old to have kids.  Therefore, because I don’t fit into the plan, MY happiness is NOT important.  I’ve often heard it said that “God is no respecter of persons”, well, I take that to mean, that if it doesn’t fit into God’s plan…you’re not going to get it!  Therefore, I can pray to God all day & night for a thousand years for a wife, & it wouldn’t make a damn!  Sound fair?  Well, at the risk of sounding like a “whiny, piss-ant, liberal”, NO!!!  Does God care? ….I think NOT.


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