WHAT in the…

WORLD is the matter with people on Facebook!?!  I’m NOT talking about my friends on there…I’m talking about these IDIOTS who try & date on there (including me – yes, I’m an idiot, but I’m about to correct that)! I’ve run into at least 15 ladies who, “so called” wanted to date & ALL they ended up doing is asking me for money for stupid “i-tunes cards” …whatever they are…NO! I AM NOT A PERSONAL HOME SHOPPING NETWORK, GO AWAY!!!  Is Facebook having a “flash sale” on mental retardation!?!  lol!  I laugh, but this is a serious issue!  How stupid do people think I am?  No wonder this Country is in “Dire Straights”!  If this is what the future holds, I might as well crawl into a bottle of whiskey & die there!  Jesus Christ!!!  My God in Heaven!!!


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