Something interesting happened…

last night & then, this morning.  Last night, a friend & I went to The Brass Tap (a beer bar), & met another friend there.  A woman sat down at the other end of the bar, on the other side of one of my friends, & he starts talking to her.  Meanwhile, I’m sitting there talking & drinking with my other friend, oblivious to whatever he was saying to this woman, & all of a sudden, she spots me, forgets about him, & gloms on to me like I’m the last drink of water on earth!  I’m guessing that he either bored her to death, or she was just desperate to get away from him.  Just damn strange that she glommed on to me!  I got her number, but don’t think I’ll use it, because she lives in Tally.


Then, this morning, some wannabe Al Queda redneck idiot drives his truck into the damn front door of the Bay County Government Center, & then sets the damn truck on fire, turning himself into a “crispy critter” in the process!  I can’t wait to see what my next two days turn out to be like.



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