I’m single and don’t care anymore!

I’ve spent over half my life looking for “The One”, and it has been a wasted effort. Instead of having fun and not worrying on it, as most people do, I’ve made my self emotionally sick with the idea of finding “That Certain Someone” to “Complete My Life” – which IS complete “Hogwash”!  I’ve been obsessed with it! I don’t know where people got this absurd notion that they need someone to complete their lives! It’s complete garbage! I’ve been lied to, cheated on, swindled, ripped off, scammed, insulted, patronized to, and tricked. I even had a friend of mine robbed on one occasion by the girl I was dating! I’m tired. My longest relationship was roughly a year and a half, and she never knew how to handle money! I’ve had enough of it! I’m not saying this to get attention: I’m saying this  because it’s all true. I’ve tried professional matchmakers, dating sites, bars, nightclubs, churches, singles groups, social media and all other types of garbage; all to no avail. It’s nuts! So, I quit.

Americans did not used to believe in the concept of “The One”. “The One” is this mystical concept of, “There’s only one person in this world for me and I’ll do whatever it takes to find her, climb the highest mountain, swim the widest river, jump the biggest whatever, and so on, and so on”….typical romantic, macho, B.S. Well, it don’t work that way, folks. Typically, it’s the female that picks the male – NOT this female shit-stained saga of “Someday, My Prince Will Come”, …instead, it’s more like, “Someday, A Prince Will Come, and if I don’t like his ass, I’ll find someway to dump him.”

I’m not bitter, I’m not mad, Hell… at this point, I’m not even sad, I’m more…shall we say, not surprised?

2 thoughts on “I’m single and don’t care anymore!

  1. There is nothing wrong to being single. Being single allows one to look within and focus on the self. It provides an opportunity to test inner strength. Someone who is single can confront situations of self-doubt and general uncertainty without distraction. You can do so many things (that couples can’t do always). To have a partner does not mean…it’s heaven all the time. The life a single person is fulfilling—go have heart warming experiences –enjoy… Take care my friend.

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