Another year has almost passed, and I’m back where I started relationship-wise (well, almost , as I am quite satisfied with being single for now), I’ve gone back to church (not that I ever quit; I just got lazy), I am cleaning up around the house, I’m hoping to completely payoff my credit card soon, I’m planning to save money next year and buy more silver and gold, still taking my medications as I should, want to get back on a healthy diet with exercise (minus side of getting older), but…on the plus side of getting older, I care less about little shit now, but the big stuff STILL pisses me off!  I don’t think of myself as “old” , or”seasoned” or any other of those “Politically Correct” (or “Pontificated Crap”, as Phil Robertson calls it – I like that term!) terms for old.  I’m still strong as a horse, and dare anyone to say otherwise.  I still have my smart-ass sense of humor and probably always will.  I think I’m in a good place, now.


I am growing…

Very few things bother me now, a few things still do, but not many.  The fact that I’m 45, and still single, is NOT one of them, thank God!  I’ve finally gotten back to church; which feels good.  I am still trying to help mom get rid of stuff around the house, un-clutter stuff, make things simpler, and easier.  It is not going fast enough; it never does, I get lazy at times. I need to quit doing that, or I will never get all the junk out!

I have not written anything in awhile…

…because I have not needed to.  The fact is, that I have grown disillusioned about even trying to date, anymore.  I’m not bitching…I’m stating a simple fact.  I think Joy’s kids had a lot to do with that.  Besides, people are SO rude and into themselves now, that it is hard to find anyone decent now.  I am starting to feel like Lot and The Lord with the story of Sodom and Gomorrah!  I keep my profiles online (I have two), but I barely even check on them.  I blame the times I live in, more than anything else.  It has just gotten to be almost useless for me to have them, let alone check them.  Again, I am not griping, I am just stating a fact.

Emotionally good!

Have not felt this way in quite awhile, but actually in a good place!  It’s hard to describe, but I’m no longer putting pressure on myself to date; I’m concentrating on other things right now.  This is odd for me, but I like it!  I’m still attempting to clean up my living space from junk I’ve acquired over the years.  That isn’t going so well… I need to vacuum, too!  Got a box to get rid of now, but need to look at doing more.

I have gotten to think about it for awhile, &…

I’m tired of these people on Facebook trying to con me.  It’s ONLY on Facebook that it’s happening.  So, I’ve hidden my relationship status information.  I’ve just gotten tired of explaining my hobbies, likes/dislikes, movements, or what I like to eat, or what I’m eating on a regular basis, only to have to repeat it again with someone else.  It takes too much time to explain all that crap each time, to someone new, and I don’t like doing it – it is too much work, anymore.  When I find the someone for me, or a new friend, that will be the time to do it….and not until then.