I do not know, but I think…

it has happened again….I think I have found someone!  We are due to meet this Sunday for lunch.  Her name is Bobie.  We’ve talked over the phone several times and she sounds really nice.  I have a few ideas on where to go, but I want to get something healthy.  I’m thinking Outback Steakhouse wouldn’t be a bad idea.  Maybe O’Charley’s, but I’m really not crazy about them.  For that matter, I’m not crazy about Outback, either, but they both have salmon…so, that’s good!  I need to eat healthier.

This time, I just sat back and waited on it.  I really had had enough of the female mind changing and games.  She found me, because I got tired and just left my profile up.  Anyway, I think it will turn out fine, and if it doesn’t, back to the drawing board!

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