got my pictures.  He did a really good job, too.  I figured he would, anyway…Kieth is one of my most trusted friends.  I’ll probably post them on POF sometime around the second week of July – I’m in no hurry, now.  I’ve got the profile ready, already….I just need to pick which of the pictures I want to use.


Well, it’s Monday….

& it’s already been an adventurous week!  Damn near got arrested this morning, because of a misunderstanding.  Two weeks ago, I got gas for my car at my local gas station…I put my credit card in the gas pump, thought it took the payment, & drove off.  This morning, I went to the same gas station to get gas, the pump would not take my card, & the manager saw me & motioned for me to come into the store.  I did & he told me he would take my card & hold it, while I got gas, I thought it was strange, but I said, “ok” & went back out to pump the gas.  He came out behind me & started writing down my tag number!  I asked him why he was doing this, & he told me that I stole $20.00 in gas from him last time – I was shocked!  I quickly told him that it was an accident (which it was)!  He saw that I was visibly shaken,  & told me to come in after I got my gas & we would work it out.  So, I got my gas & came in.  He suggested that I use the ATM, & I told him I didn’t know my PIN number, …He said, “ok, how about you buy a $20.00 lottery ticket from me, & I (the manager) keep the ticket?”  I agreed.  I hope this man wins a million, & I don’t want any of it.  Honest mistake.  Then, I got to work, & found out a coworker got engaged!  JEEZ!