This ABSOLUTELY pisses me off!

people NOT doing what they say they’re going to do,…almost NOTHING pisses me off more! I’m not talking about “an emergency has come up, & I can’t do it”, I’m talking about shit like “I’ll do it”, then you just all of a sudden change mind & not even show up! GODDAMN, that burns my cord!


May 1st…

About 3pm, Lisa Graham came into my office & talked to me. She said that I needed to change the way I scan things, that I now needed to physically COUNT pages after I scanned them to make sure they are all there according to Sheila Adams. I told¬†Lisa there is already a proof-reader for that sort of thing & that would just make me slower.¬†Lisa just said, “Go ahead & do it to make her happy.” “This WILL slow me down & make me more inefficient,” I told her.