Trump II

Look, I DON’T trust Trump. Trump IS a Progressive. Trump says repeal and replace obamacare. Replace obamacare with what? MORE governmental programs? NO! You repeal obamacare and replace it with….NOTHING!!! You let the free-market take care of it by GETTING GOVERNMENT COMPLETELY OUT OF HEALTHCARE….let me say that again…you do it by, GETTING GOVERNMENT COMPLETELY OUT OF HEALTHCARE!!! I’m tired of politicians telling me how to live my God-Given life!!! I don’t normally smoke (except the occasional cigar), but if I did, I would smoke in MY car, which I PAID for…and MY house, which I LIVE in! You come onto MY private property saying I CAN’T do something (short of murder, drug use, OR domestic violence, of course!), people WILL get hurt…I’m sick of it!!! Now, I’m not a violent man, but I WILL defend my God-Given Constitutional rights…ALL OF THEM!!!

Now, while I’m not planning to vote for him in the Primary (I’m a Ted Cruz man!), Trump is doing SOME good things…such as kicking out political correctness,…which I’ve NEVER been a fan of, either! Another thing he’s doing is putting The Fear Of God into the Republican Party!

But, he’s a little too much for me on the ego side….he’s already said that he’ll be the “Greatest President Ever”…umm….no, I don’t think so. Three of the greatest we’ve EVER had are on Mount Rushmore (Washington, Jefferson, & Lincoln…sorry Teddy, you sucked!) & the fourth was, Ronald Wilson Reagan!


God found her!

On June 20th, 2015, I had a kind, cute, funny, caring, woman ask me out on a date,…& I said yes. I’m glad I did. God knows, I’ve made massive misjudgments of people in the past, but I don’t think I have here. We’ve been out on 5 or 6 dates already. I maintain that I did not find this girl…God did. Plus, He gave me patience by forcing me to give up looking (which I had, except for two websites,…& I did basically nothing on those sites except for post a positive profile & then, leave it alone). Like I said before, I take NO credit for this,…none at all! God let her… find me! I hope I never doubt God again (I know I will; I’m human, but I hope this lessens my doubts, at least)! Each time I go out with this girl, I find it easier and easier to talk with her, to kid around with her, and to just be myself with her. It’s remarkable, to say the least!

Also remarkable, is that I’m not losing my head over this. Yes, I’m in love,… but no, I’m not blind; I’m still using my God-Given common sense,…THAT, in itself, IS a miracle! We’re sort of still in the “getting to know you” stage, but things are going good.

She gets my humor…she’s also a smart-ass; like me, which is great, she’s smart (book and  common sense), she has a heart like you wouldn’t believe, she’s local, and she ACTUALLY LIKES math (we can’t all be perfect!). She has told me that the best thing she likes about me is my heart (which tore me up, because I was pretty damn close to not having a heart!). All in all, it’s going pretty good now.

Thank God!

Yesterday, I finished the autobiography of Benjamin Franklin! Damn, that man was hard to read!!! Today, I’ve started the classic “Democracy in America” by Alexis de Tocqueville. I’m afraid that one’s not going to be any easier! After that, I’m going to read James Monroe. I probably should reverse them. I’m probably going to need an alcoholic brain enema after I read de Tocqueville! Shit! The book itself was written in the early to mid 1800’s. I’m either a genius or mad for even wanting to read it!


Let me make this clear…I do not care for Donald Trump, BUT… that being said, Trump says what he thinks, which all Americans USED to do, and which I STILL do, and very much believe in!

To be sure, Trump was wrong in his comments about Megyn Kelly, BUT he IS entitled to them according to the U.S. Constitution! Sort of like me and my church.

I was due to speak at my church in October on my Bodybuilding Contests, but some Sundays ago, I was told that I could not speak at my church because of what I said ON MY OWN PRIVATE Facebook account about “The Man Who Would Be King”, barrack obama. I maintain that, my church, by telling me this, has STEPPED ALL OVER MY FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS! Also, the fact that everything I’ve said about this man is true makes it EVEN WORSE! Bottom line, this man should be tried for treason against the United States. Contrary to popular belief, death is NOT ALWAYS a punishment for treason! According to The U.S. Constitution (art. 3, sec. 3), ONLY CONGRESS has the power to declare what the punishment for treason is, punishment can include, but isn’t limited to, jail time, fines, death, or any other punitive measure Congress so decides.

So, the idea of punishment for treason being ALWAYS death, is fallacy at best, and lunacy at worst. Either way, BOTH obama & hillary clinton should be tried for treason over Benghazi, Libya, as well as numerous other “incidents”….and NO, I’m NOT apologizing! EVER!!!


3 types of people

I’ve recently heard that there are 3 types of people: Sheep, Wolves, & Sheepdogs.

Sheep: (98% of the public) The average John or Jane Doe on the street. People just trying to live their lives.

Wolves: (1% of the public) The truly bad people (i.e., convicts, terrorists, bad politicians, etc.) trying to prey on the general public.

Sheepdogs: (1% of the public) The protectors of the general public (i.e., policemen, military, firemen, doctors, emergency personnel, whistle blowers, tow criers, etc.). Sheepdogs aren’t naturally born; they’re made.

I’m beginning to go from Sheep to Sheepdog, because I’m tired of society going to hell in a hand-basket. I do it in more of a town crier way, though. I’ve had numerous people try to get me to stop criticizing our stupid, gutless, feckless, turncoat of a president…from people in my family, to people in my church, to personal friends of mine…to that, I say,…NEVER! George Washington, Thomas Jefferson & the rest of The Founding Fathers were ACTUALLY UNDER THREAT OF DEATH from King George III,…so, who am I to say that I’m any better than they were!?!

I DO, HAVE, & WILL CONTINUE to stand my ground against friends, family members, co-workers, progressives, & democrats who continue to challenge common sense! The ONLY one I WILL NOT challenge is God (who created common sense in the first place).

The only thing is, I’m a town crier with the soul of a warrior,…in other words, I’m NOT a diplomat,…I state things as they ARE….& when I get mad, I state it in NO polite terms!

Yes, I use profanity, insults, slights, & whatever else I find useful to win,…in other words, I do whatever it takes to win…I AM A SHEEPDOG WITH THE BITE OF A WOLF!

I was recently told by my….

…church that I couldn’t speak to the men’s group because of my views on our “illustrious chickenshit president”, barack hussein obama. Personally, I think the man is a traitor, as well as a lot worse! I think he ought to be removed from office, at the VERY least. Much of this Country is dissatisfied with this idiot! I’m about to start looking at other churches, but truthfully, I’m not sure what I’m going to do, …leave or stay.

To be sure, the church doesn’t support this idiot, but I think they’re more worried about their tax-exempt status than anything else. The funny thing is, this wasn’t even the subject I was going to speak on! The subject I was to speak on wasn’t even in the least way related to this idiot! Obviously, the church has never heard of the Thomas Jefferson quote, “Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.”

While I do NOT put the United States OR its Constitution above God (and never have, but have been accused of such), I DO recognize that these laws are God-inspired, and that breaking certain ones (which obama and hillary clinton have both done) is tantamount to treason! And if I remember right, God Himself put a number of Jewish Kings to death for treason…including King Saul. (Read into that what you will; I am of small issue to it.)

Needless to say, I am VERY disappointed in this church…I’ve been going to this church for ten years! I unapologetically hold everyone who voted for this moron (as well as the moron himself AND the democratic party!) responsible for the decline of this Country.

That being said, the Republicans (with certain exceptions, and NO, I do NOT count Trump as a Republican; he’s an anomaly) are really NO better….the party of Lincoln has turned into a bunch of spineless worms! Lincoln would be ashamed! The last strong Republican President, in fact, the last strong President of either party we had was Ronald Wilson Reagan. I’m starting to think my own personal hero, George Washington, was right when he stated that there should be NO SUCH THING as “political parties”, that one should vote on the man, NOT a party. Now, the only problem with that, is that people lie…therefore, people can’t be vetted properly. Now, getting back to the main issue, I’m VERY disappointed in this church for doing this to  The First Amendment – Freedom of Speech….So, I’m trying to find a church that stands for God AND American Principles AND will NOT back down from a fight. To be sure, I have backed down from some fights, BUT I’ve also been IN some fights too! There’s a time to back down and a time to fight – “Discretion is the better part of valor”, as the old saying goes, and NOW is NOT the time for discretion!