I’ve had it!

Pof is full of arrogant idiots! I emailed this female, she was a bodybuilder, like me…& turns out, she was just talking to me because she, in her words, “felt sorry for me”, & that I “couldn’t get a girl like her in my wildest dreams”. Well, TO HELL WITH THAT BITCH! I don’t need that negative stuff. I can do better than her, anytime!


Some days, I feel like…

I’m on the verge of a success, & other days, I don’t. I hate setbacks, but everybody has them. Trying to get this dating beast under control has not been easy, to say the least! I think my biggest fear throughout all this thing has been being lied to, over & over again…NOT that I would never find anyone! I don’t lie to people, so why should they lie to me? It just doesn’t make sense.

Not sure what to write in this entry

I’m sick of women lying to me. I had a date at Chilli’s on July 17th. I thought it went well… we sat there for about an hour talking, & found out we went to high school together! She was pretty cute & we made plans to get together next weekend. Well, I texted her & called her a few times, just to talk. She never answered the phone, & answered 2 two texts. Sunday night, she, all of a sudden, decided it wouldn’t work & gave me some damnded excuse about “raising her 14 year old daughter”. Maybe I called too much or texted too much, but as soon as I don’t, they think I’m not interested. I can’t get ANYTHING right. This was NOT God’s fault…it may have been mine…I don’t know. I am getting over the depression pretty quick though,…just SICK of being “led on & lied to”. I just want ONE where we actually like & are attracted to each other!!

So far, all that’s happened is, either I’m attracted to them, but they aren’t to me, OR, they’re attracted to me, & I’m not attracted to them. I’m also tired of blaming God, BUT He isn’t helping at all. I feel like I’m being left, “High & Dry”. Everybody finds love but me. When I die, I’m going to ask God to put me in Purgatory for 10,000 years, so I can PERSONALLY kick BOTH Cupid’s & Murphy’s ASSES!

Good side & bad side…

Was talking to a woman on POF for awhile…friendly like…asked her out a couple of times,…each time she came up with some dumb fucking excuse,…I asked her out again today…well, she said she was now “involved” with someone, to which I said, “Congratulations, you held me off until you found someone else.” She called me a jerk. I don’t really give a damn anymore. …but I call someone on the carpet for bullshit behavior, & yet, I’M THE JERK….Don’t quite understand how THAT works, but, like an animal, I just go by what I see…. & NO, I’m not a very nice person anymore, if “being nice” includes getting “run over” by other people. Goddamn, I hate humans…

On the good side, I have a date tonight! She seems nice, looks cute from her pictures. She seemed a little worried that I might not like her because she is, in her words, “chubby”. Who cares? A woman with a little weight is fine! My God, every man is not that shallow!

Cleaned some more…

yesterday. Still have more to do…going to knock a few beers back Friday night, while cleaning more. This is good…I’m beginning to see some progress being made now.

Supposedly have a date tonight…hope it works. She canceled last night….which was fine with me, because I still had cleaning to do (as I still do) .

Still need to vacuum & dust, but organized & threw out old shoes this morning.